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What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the garnering of consumer interest in your products or services. This increased interest from consumers eventually leads to an increase in revenue. Lead generation usually uses a computer program, database, or the Internet and collects names and contact information of potential customers. This information can be used for sales or building a list for emails or other purposes. There are various lead generation marketing strategies, but one of the currently trending ways to get leads is through video lead generation.

Why should I use video as a leads strategy?

The use of online videos for lead generation is currently exploding. This method is the most commonly used type of content, and comes in as a close second to word-of-mouth communication in influencing consumer decisions and leaving a lasting impression. About 82 percent of people watch online videos.

Companies that use video generate more leads at a lower cost and a higher conversion rate. Videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86 percent, making them a very effective lead generation process. Because people have short attention spans, using a video with a call to action is a great way to engage them and keep their interest while also being memorable.

Mobile lead generation has been a large component of video lead generation because it is so easy to access, view, and share videos on a mobile device. There is also very high social media usage on mobile devices, meaning that if you or someone else posts your video to social media, it will likely be viewed on mobile devices.

How can I create an effective video?

Videos can take many forms and don’t need to be difficult or expensive to create. There are many different styles of video, such as a mini webinar, video infographic, or business casual. Once you figure out the style you want your video to take, you need to plan out your video and come up with a campaign strategy.

It’s not enough to just post your video to your website. A video lead generation strategy needs to include various marketing components in order to be successful. Like all good marketing plans, a video campaign requires lots of thought and planning.

If you need help planning out your strategy, follow these 10 simple tips:

1. Consider your campaign’s goals and how it ties into your overall marketing strategy.

2. Keep your video relatively short. About 45 percent of viewers will stop watching a video after one minute and 60 percent by two minutes.

3. Include a call to action that is direct and promotes a sense of urgency. This should include “call us” or “learn more.”

4. Make the video interactive by adding buttons, links, etc.

5. Combine your video with other types of media.

6. Consider your audience and THEIR audience, which will increase share appeal.

7. Make it shareable and mobile.

8. Hook your audience on more relevant content as soon as your video ends. This will keep them on a track down the web leads funnel that supports the buying process, as well as increases landing page leads.

9. Post your video on social media and other web channels.

10. Sometimes you may want to gate video content by making your visitors enter in their email address before they can view it or play it back, giving you instant leads.

How do I use YouTube for lead generation?

YouTube is a great tool for online lead generation. It is a powerful way to advertise your services and generate traffic back to your website. However, posting your videos to YouTube will require a little more work than just posting to other social media sites. Here are few tips to help you use YouTube for lead generation.

1. Come up with great titles.

The title of your video is the first thing that people will see and will often determine whether or not they watch your video. You need to come up with a title that grabs their attention and also uses relevant keywords.

2. Optimize your channel.

You should have a channel description that is rich with your most important keywords. You can also add links to your channel description, which is a great place to link to landing pages for your services. You should add a custom background that involves a call to action.

3. Write a powerful description.

Your description for your video should be about 2 or 3 sentences long and should include your targeted keywords. It should also contain a link with a call to action in order to drive more traffic to your website. Use the tagging feature so that your video is associated with other videos using similar tags and appears as a “related video.”

4. Encourage subscribers and comments.

If your video receives more comments and higher ratings, YouTube will take these as indications of more relevant, higher quality videos and will boost your SEO. You can also generate more comments and ratings by posting comments on other popular videos in your niche. This strategy gets others to notice your brand and to view you as an expert.

What should I look for once I’ve posted my video?

You aren’t quite done once you’ve posted your video. Too often companies only plan the production process and don’t look past that. The point is to examine how successful your video is, and why, in order to improve your digital marketing strategies and increase web lead generation. Then you can create even better and more personalized content the next time around. You will also want to create custom email communication to send to those who are engaged with your videos. However, you need to act promptly while they are still interested.

Here are some simple things to look for after you have posted your video:

-Which videos and other content are the most attractive to your visitors?

-How long are you holding their attention?

-How often are people sharing it?

-How do people interact with it?

-On what social media channels is it being shared?

-On what type of devices is it being shared?

-What are the conversion rates?

-What is the branded search volume?

-Who is subscribing to your social channels?


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