Why Situation Analysis is Important to Your Digital Marketing Plan PDF

SM17When creating a digital marketing plan PDF, it’s important to remember situation analysis. What is a digital marketing plan, and why is situation analysis an important part of it? A digital media marketing strategy plan is your approach for reaching potential customers and growing your business through digital platforms. Situation analysis is evaluating your current marketing situation and drawing conclusions on where to improve based on your findings.

Situation analysis is a process that requires the use of analytics and marketing intelligence to pull information from your website, competitors’ websites, and social media. When you’re creating digital marketing strategies and digital media marketing plans, you need this information to refine and improve your plan so that you can achieve your marketing goal, which is to get more customers. When performing a situation analysis, check out an example digital marketing plan PDF.

By reviewing a digital marketing plan in PDF, you get a better understanding of how analyzing your current marketing situation will help you improve your strategies. A simple online search for a digital media marketing plan sample or a digital marketing plan template will provide you with numerous examples of these plans.

How to Perform a Situation Analysis

Performing a situation analysis requires an in-depth study of all your marketing elements. With digital media planning, there’s no scope of the market you can’t and shouldn’t analyze. In order to perform a thorough situation analysis, do the following:

1. Understand your marketplace by looking at:

  1. Customers/clients. Who are your ideal customers? Find their characteristics, behaviors, needs, and wants. Think about demographics, searching and product selection behaviors, and unmet needs. What does your data tell you about your most profitable and potentially profitable customers?
  2. Overall market. Make a market description by focusing on what the current needs and trends are and if they are being met by you or your competitors. Successful digital marketing plans always determine the problem and provide the solution. The only way to figure out what current problems are in the marketplace is to figure out what’s going on in the overall market.SM18
  3. Competitors. Measure your standards for customer personas and metrics against your competitors. In order to refine your digital marketing strategy, you need to know how to make it better than your competitors’ digital marketing plans.
  4. Potential partners and intermediaries. It’s important to monitor and review your reputation among different influencers. Look at how different types of sites (search engines, social networks, specialist news sites) are used by customers. Do these sites influence their buying decisions? If so, refine your digital media marketing strategy to reflect that.
  5. Outside forces. Look at how the following outside factors can influence your customer analysis, competitor benchmarking, and digital marketing planning:

i.      Environment—make sure your approach is ethical and sustainable.

ii.      Technology—are you up to date with the latest technological advances?

iii.      Legal—your online marketing activities should comply with privacy and online trading laws.

iv.      Social—how have consumer attitudes changed since your company’s inception?

2. Gather information and analyze it. The best digital marketing strategies are created when you thoroughly gather all this information and take the time to analyze it. Taking an in-depth look at your customers and clients, the overall market, your competitors, potential partners and intermediaries, and outside forces will help you create a digital media marketing strategy that edges out your competition and draws in your ideal customers.

3. Draw conclusions and form recommendations. After analyzing the information you’ve gathered, use that analysis to draw conclusions on the best digital ways to reach your potential customers. Look at a digital media marketing sample that has charts and graphs and use it to make your own charts and graphs. Form recommendations based on those conclusions for your digital media marketing plan. This way, you’ll be able to create a highly intelligent plan.

Benefits of Performing a Situation Analysis

The benefits of performing a situation analysis and looking at a digital marketing sample or a digital marketing strategy example are numerous.  Not only do they help you develop a strong digital marketing plan, but they also do the following:SM16

  • Help you understand your base of operations a little better (where you’re coming from)
  • Help you understand the cause and effect of relationships between strategy and results
  • Increase your ability to find solutions for problems
  • Open up opportunities for improving your marketing strategy


If you want to experience these benefits in your endeavors toward creating a digital marketing plan, perform a situation analysis today. It’s also important to look at a digital marketing plan sample or a digital marketing plan PDF. Reviewing digital marketing plan examples and analyzing your current marketing situation will tremendously benefit your final digital marketing plan.

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