B2B marketing teams need to know their competition. Studying competitors and using their best ideas for your own purposes can put you ahead of the game (or at least on the same playing field) of your biggest competition at the beginning of your marketing campaign. From there, marketing teams can see which information their audiences are interested in to modify their marketing strategies.

These are some third-party tools that can easily tell you what your competitors are talking about and when, to give you an idea of what to post on your own platforms.

Google Alerts:

  • Google Alerts is a free service, though you do need to have a google account to use it, which is also free.
  • Keep alerts for competitors, key words, or other searchable terms that might interest your company.
  • Also set alerts for your company to see when others are talking about you.
  • You can choose how often you want to receive alerts and what kind of results are sent to you.
  • http://www.google.com/alerts



  • Alexa is a paid service. A free trial is available if you are interested in testing it.
  • It compares competitor websites and shows your own performance in certain areas that you choose.
  • http://www.alexa.com/



  • Spyfu has free and paid options.
  • With paid plans, you can see the keywords and adwords competitors are buying.
  • It provides a history of used adwords and ranking history.
  • http://www.spyfu.com/



  • Hoover’s is a paid service. There is also a free trial available.
  • It provides context to how other companies are performing.
  • Hoover’s offers information on a wide range of companies that might be related to your company.
  • http://www.hoovers.com/