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There are many different tactics you can use in the lead generation process, such as social media, print advertising, trade shows, or SEO. SEO is considered the most effective tactic by many, but it is also among the most difficult. Developing the SEO lead generation you want requires a detailed strategy.

SEO is the primary lead generation marketing strategy used by top digital marketers. It is ideal for generating leads through organic web searches. A good ranking in search results means high visibility for your website, which generates lots of landing page leads. SEO drives more traffic to your website, creates more inbound sales leads, and builds a long-term web presence.

Content marketing should be your primary focus in SEO lead generation. This includes content that is on your website, blog, and social media. About 92 percent of people believe that creating really good content is the way for generating better leads through SEO. In addition, 81 percent of buying cycles start in search engines. SEO delivers about 80 percent of leads generated at only 15 percent of the budget, making it one of the best digital marketing strategies for lead generation.

Tactics for SEO Lead Generation

SEO requires lots of time and effort to get good rankings. To achieve this, you need to come up with a leads strategy. Here are some tactics that you can use to boost your SEO, therefore increasing your SEO leads.

1. Website Optimization

Search engine spiders need to be able to determine the topic of your page and which keywords you are targeting for rankings. There are a few tricks that will help them do that:

  • Page title: Include keywords in your page title, which will appear as the heading in search engine results.
  • URL structure: Keep URLs user-friendly by eliminating characters that don’t add relevance to the page content.
  • Meta description: Search engine spiders don’t necessarily take these into consideration, but including keywords and a strong call to action can increase click through rates.
  • Alt tag on images: Search engine spiders can’t decipher images, so you should always include alt text that includes keywords to describe your images.
  • Headings: Search engines see heading tags as more important than body text, so always include keywords in headings.


2. Internal Links

Linking to other blog posts or website pages within your content can help search engine spiders navigate deeper throughout your website. Your links should be relevant and helpful, and should include keyword-rich anchor text.


3. Blogging

Search engines like knowing that a site is being frequently updated, which can easily be achieved by active blogging. Fifteen or more blog posts per month can result in 5 times more traffic. The benefits of this include:

  • Increased crawling frequency: Search engines will crawl your site more often if they are aware that there are regular updates.
  • Increased number of indexed pages: Blogging provides more opportunity to rank in results pages and generate traffic from searches.
  • Attract backlinks: If your content is compelling and you are sharing it, you can acquire natural links back to your content.
  • More opportunity for lead conversion and sales in the web leads funnel.


4. Social Sharing Buttons

Content that is shared regularly on social platforms will achieve higher search engine rankings. Always include social sharing buttons on all content to encourage social sharing. This includes website pages, landing pages, videos, and blog posts. Also remember to promote your content on your own social networks.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Here are some questions that you should ask yourself to help improve your digital marketing lead generation:

  • What are your challenges with SEO?
  • Do you have technical challenges?
  • Do you struggle with link building or content?
  • What are your challenges with creating content?
  • How are you going to overcome these challenges?
  • Do you have employees dedicated to creating content?
  • Do you have strategies for video lead generation or mobile lead generation?


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