Marketing Metrics Pdf

It’s no secret that the results of marketing efforts are tough to measure. As marketing technology and tools improve, the more information there is out there. How do you sort the useful statistics from all the mounting data that is now available? Wouldn’t it be useful to have a clear, concise, and regularly updated marketing metrics pdf documenting upward and downward trend?

The problem is, if you’ve worked with any of the standard online marketing companies out there, that kind of accountability isn’t part of the game plan. Usually, they charge a monthly fee and then go silent for several months. When finally confronted about what they’ve done with your investment, they break down and say akin to this:

“Marketing isn’t an exact science.”

“Patience. The results will come.”

“These things take time.”

Frustration and exasperation are entirely understandable reactions in the face of this kind of stalling tactic. Yes, marketing is difficult to measure, and yes, sometimes results and efforts take time to cultivate and mature, as does any long-term strategy or endeavor. However, in the end there should be clear indicators of success.

A corporation requires confidence in their marketing firm, and confidence goes arm-in-arm with accountability. Marketing teams should not demand endless sums without presenting quantifiable results.

Sprint Marketing tackles corporations’ biggest marketing problems and transforms them into opportunities for success. Our groundbreaking new approach incorporates elements from the latest marketing disciplines, providing a mix of online marketing, business intelligence, and analytics. That’s why our service packages range from the very basic to the comprehensive. If a company wants a lead generation package, it’s available. SEO and Analytics? We have those as well. Business intelligence is on the table, as is our landing page and blog-training features.

Our marketing metric pdf has become a hallmark of Sprint Marketing’s standard of service. Readily available on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis, our marketing metric pdf provides our client corporations with a graspable, updated readout detailing our daily marketing efforts, creating opportunities to clearly establish a corporation’s return on investment.

At Sprint Marketing, we understand that during harsh economic times and favorable times alike, measurable ROI is always a necessity for any proficient organization. That’s why we offer our marketing metrics pdf is an integral component of our overall marketing intelligence system. Our marketing reporting scorecard and marketing intelligence and planning gives your corporation the competitive marketing boost it needs. Contact us for a free trial.