Marketing Intelligence System

Many people ask us, just what is marketing intelligence? And what constitutes a marketing intelligence system?

Marketing intelligence is so new that the experts are still trying to nail down a clear definition. Some make the mistake of classifying it as an alternate term for “market intelligence,” but that’s not how we see it at Sprint Marketing.

It’s like the definition for intelligence. One possible definition is “the gathering or distribution of information.” But intelligence goes beyond the mere gathering and possession of vital data. It’s how that data is used.

Another definition, one we think hits closer to home, is “the capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding; aptitude in grasping facts, meanings, etc.” This kind of intelligence includes that certain special savvy that transforms accumulated intelligence into action which will jump start a client’s website traffic and lead conversion. Information plus execution. That’s what places marketing intelligence at the forefront of the industry.

A marketing intelligence system is the application of three indispensable marketing disciplines:

  • Business Intelligence.  Gathering quality information about your online standing and the effectiveness of your campaigns has never been more decisive in determining success or failure. Sprint marketing uses the latest techniques and tools to capture accurate online data, including customer intelligence and competitor intelligence.
  • Analytics. Converting that information into actionable forecasts of the market is the next logical step in a marketing intelligence system. Sprint Marketing provides accurate, up-to-date reports on your website’s rankings and traffic, analyzing them for useful patterns and performance.
  • Online Marketing. Infiltration and proliferation are essential to the success of any brand, and harnessing the Internet’s boundless promotional potential has become a consuming concern for almost every business in every category. But these days it isn’t enough to simply launch a blog or start a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

Without these crucial components, a business is automatically at a disadvantage in the current marketplace. By integrating them, Sprint Marketing has pioneered a full-spectrum strategy geared to optimize marketing campaigns, improve online traffic, and generate qualified leads.

So what critical components go into creating a winning marketing intelligence system? Quality information and flawless execution leading to powerful results.

Sprint Marketing stands ready to deliver those results. With our powerhouse marketing intelligence system, including our marketing metrics pdf, we provide a marketing reporting scorecard that will give your corporation the marketing intelligence and planning boost it needs. Contact us for a free trial.