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Landing pages, sometimes known as “lead capture pages,” are one of the most important strategies for lead generation. A landing page is a single web page that appears when you click on an advertisement or a search result in a search engine. These pages should give the visitor interesting and helpful information and are used to promote marketing campaigns, such as eBooks. About 48 percent of marketers build new landing pages for each of their marketing campaigns. Landing pages should also involve some sort of call-to-action, such as filling out a form with contact information. The people who follow these calls-to-action become landing page leads.

How do I get landing page leads?

There are many different marketing strategies for lead generation. Although it can be complicated, there are certain things you can do to increase the number and quality of the leads you get from landing pages. If you are struggling to get leads from your landing pages, follow these tips:

1. Give value.

You have to convince your visitors that you have something valuable to offer before they will engage or give you any information. You need to convince quickly and easily. To do this, keep your landing page simple. If your visitors have to read too much, they’ll leave. Don’t take up too much space selling the specifics of your service. You will also want to keep propositions simple and specific by using terms that are easy to understand, and using dollar values, percentages, and the word “free.”

You should also make a benefit list that will draw their attention. This should include things such as what they will learn, what the desired result of the resource will cause, and the number of steps to a certain goal. These benefits will tell them exactly why they should download or view your resource and why they should give you their information. This is especially helpful for eBooks and other resources promoted on your landing page that are email-gated.

2. Optimize for SEO.

Most leads come from searches. By increasing your SEO, you increase the chance of a lead finding your landing page. So how do you optimize your landing page for SEO? Here are a few ways:

-Social Share Buttons: Landing page content should be highly shareable, making it important to include share buttons (which is now ranked more important than link-building). Put these buttons along the side or top of your landing page. Social share buttons increase the virility of content by up to 700 percent. You should also encourage social engagement by sharing your content on your own social media accounts.

-Title: This is what shows up in the tab at the top of the web page. Make it short and include keywords.

-Keywords: Not only should you include keywords in your title, but you will also want to include them frequently throughout your content.

-Alt Tags: When you use an image, include alt tags that contain keywords. This tells search engines what the image is about and allows it to come up in image searches.

-Linking: Link to your own landing pages within your website.

3. Include testimonials.

People need proof that you will deliver what you are promising before they can trust you. An easy way to gain their trust is through customer testimonials and case studies. Testimonials have greatly grown in importance over the past few years. About 90 percent of consumers say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews, which includes testimonials. Include a quote with a picture of the person who said it. You could even include short video clips along with the testimonial. Consider providing a list of how your visitors can get the same results as your testimonials.

4. Optimize your form.

Your contact information form needs to easily draw people’s attention. Make it simple and clear to visitors what you’re asking of them. You need to get valuable information from them without including too many fields or asking them for too much. Usually a first name and email will suffice. Try to avoid asking for phone numbers unless absolutely necessary because people are more resistant to sharing those. In addition, people will get intimidated by a long form. If you need to include lots of fields, consider splitting the form up over multiple pages. The form should also be quick to fill in, meaning there should not be very many open-ended questions that could slow down the process and frustrate visitors.

Your contact form should also be well designed. Some things to consider when designing your contact form are:

-Encapsulate the form within a box

-Separate the form from the rest of the page with a line

-Make the form a different color than the rest of the page for more contrast

-Use a brightly-colored call-to-action button to draw attention

-Include an action-oriented headline above the form

-Include a short sentence describing what will happen when they click on your call-to-action button

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