Free Ebook – Content Marketing for your Website Redesign

Content Marketing for Your Website Redesign

In this FREE ebook, you’ll learn how to:

check mark greet 28 06 10 13 v1  Choose the right content management system (CMS)

check mark greet 28 06 10 13 v1  Optimize your content so it fuels SEO success

check mark greet 28 06 10 13 v1  Establish a consistent content creation plan

check mark greet 28 06 10 13 v1  Improve website design (i.e. visual content)

check mark greet 28 06 10 13 v1  Use content to let your brand’s style shine through

Many companies opt for a website redesign in order to implement better content marketing strategies. If you’re looking for an upgrade, download this FREE ebook on B2B content marketing for your website redesign. Learn how to build a sharp, professional website from the ground up.

There are several reasons a website might require a facelift. Maybe the load time is too slow, or you’re looking for a more attractive layout. Perhaps you want better navigation on the website, or a more visible call to action.

One of the most compelling reasons behind a website redesign is the need for an easy content-publishing platform in order to accommodate a content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is the steady production of fresh content for your website. Websites that produce a steady stream of valuable content typically rank better on search engines and appeal directly to potential clients.

Unfortunately, website redesigns can be tricky. Including a website content strategy can add even more pitfalls to the mix.

That’s why, before you revamp your website, download Sprint Marketing’s free guide of content marketing tips. It comes loaded with the latest content dos and don’ts for your website redesign strategy.