Definition of an Online Marketing Strategy Proposal

Every company needs a plan to help them reach their marketing goals throughout the quarter or business year. Compiling a digital marketing strategy proposal is essential to ensuring that your digital marketing strategy is actually effective and brings in the right amount of business. Digital marketing is still a relatively new frontier, and it’s important to track your efforts over time to understand which methods and strategies work best for your business.

Ingredients of a Proposal for Digital Marketing Strategy

There are many different components that are essential to an online media marketing plan. When you add up all these components, you have a digital media marketing plan proposal that will get the ball rolling in your marketing strategy. The most vital ingredients to any digital media marketing strategy are:

  1. Audience Profiles. Determining a target audience is essential to any marketing process, digital or not. If you already have a client-base, you can use this to draw conclusions about the type of person that is interested in your product. You can also look at your target audience and determine what the general demographics or characteristics are of the people you are trying to target. Compile these so that you have a profile of your ideal audience. It will make structuring your digital marketing strategies much simpler when you have that profile in mind.SM49.2
  2. KPIs. Where would digital marketing be without the numbers? Key performance indicators will help you to determine which areas of your strategy are currently the weakest. There are myriads of KPIs that you can use, but it depends at least partially on what you value most. If you value organic traffic more than click-through-rates, focus on that for your strategy. KPIs are also useful for A/B testing different digital media strategies.
  3. Goals. Without goals, your digital marketing ideas won’t get very far. It’s very important to have specific goals based on your KPIs so that you can track progress throughout the year. Make sure that you put a deadline on your goals, otherwise there’s very little value to them in the long run. In general, goals are only effective if they are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound). Without those attributes, goals will not be the best guidance for your marketing proposal.
  4. Content Marketing Plan. Every digital marketing strategy template will include a plan for content marketing. That is because content has become vital to every digital marketing strategy. Content draws attention of search engines and prospective clients alike, especially when it’s high-quality and well-written. Depending on who you are targeting, you will want to gear your content to circumstances. It’s certainly vital to produce some content every month or quarter, in order to maintain an online presence.
  5. Promotional Plan.  Promoting written content is another important process in the marketing game. Every business has its own way of doing it, and each business is different in which promotional outlets are more profitable. Social media, emails, and blogs are the most common ways to promote content. Use these outlets to share new landing pages, infographics, and videos.

Process for Putting Together a Digital Media Marketing Plan

Every digital marketing strategy proposal sample should follow this process to create a plan that is both effective and comprehensive:

  1. Examine past progress. Take a wide look at what you’ve accomplished so far, and what you did to accomplish your goals. Determine which goals you have met, and which goals you have yet to meet.
  2. Plan for future progress. Set your goals and study which KPIs you should focus on. Keep a positive outlook for your goals and try to set them high, but still within your grasp.
  3. Establish target audience and demographics. When you create your client profiles, don’t overgeneralize. If you need to create more than one profile, that is common for many businesses to target more than one persona.
  4. Map a strategy to suit audience. Make sure your strategies for SEO, PPC, and content will match your audience. Anyone can write a landing page, but you need to keep your audience interested every step of the way, especially when you’re planning out strategy.
  5. Set up KPIs and lead nurturing program. Your KPIs need to be set in place from the get-go. If you don’t have some form of analytics, you can hire a digital marketing company to help you. Whatever you do, make sure you track your progress. As you nurture leads, measure which tactics are most effective.

Important Tips for Making an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

In the end, it’s important to learn from your mistakes and make changes accordingly. All digital marketing solutions have their own pros and cons, and it’s important to be aware of each. Keep these tips in mind as you create digital marketing strategy proposals:

  • Create audience persona profiles that match different members of your audience. It’s better to be comprehensive than vague, and having multiple personas will help you tailor your strategy more effectively.
  • Create a strategy that has a mix of promotional content and informational content. You want people to be sold on your specific product, but the culture of the internet has encouraged a larger amount of research before a product is purchased.
  • Ensure KPIs are an accurate measure of progress. Some KPIs can be misleading if you don’t have the proper context or you don’t look at multiple KPIs at once. Make sure to base goals and judgments on multiple KPIs, rather than one set of data.

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