Forming a Digital Marketing Plan

SM19Forming a digital marketing plan for your business is no easy task in a world where technology changes quickly, sometimes literally changing how people interact overnight. Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) can no longer rely on the easy street of radio and newspaper advertising that worked wonders just ten years ago. Instead, CMOs must search out the vast expanse of internet connections and social platforms that might get them some interaction and sales. Making a digital marketing strategy with the right goals in mind can set you on the path to success. So how do you know where to put your money and effort that will best reach your target audience? What tactics will bring your business the most face time? And what is a digital marketing plan? It all depends on how you want to interact with your target audience.

The Digital Age of Marketing

Once upon a time, marketing was as easy as coming up with a catchy slogan and getting it on the airwaves, possibly with an endorsement or two from a radio announcer. After that, the sales would come pouring in from those you hoped to reach because everyone saw or heard the advertisement.

Now, in the digital age of marketing, it’s all about targeting and specializing. The blanket approach to marketing has to be thrown out the window in favor of focused campaigns on the internet. Web and mobile technology is necessary for businesses to stay in the game, and marketing messages must be personalized for target audiences if you want to reach an interested populace.

The digital age hasn’t just affected the way businesses advertise, either. Digital technology affects every stage of the buying process from first interaction with a brand to consumer feedback after a sale.

Consumers and clients hold the power of the sale—buying is on their timeline, giving them the opportunity to research your product or service as well as other options before making a decision. With information so readily available on the internet this often means sales take significantly longer than they used to. Consumers are also more apt to consider reviews from other customers in social media channels or online forums. Analytics and behavior analysis make understanding the new sales process easier, but also more complicated because there are now so many influencing factors to a successful sale.

Digital media planning is the new way of predicting the way consumers and clients will interact with your company.

4 Marketing Methods that Came with the Digital Age

In order to combat the major changes of marketing, businesses have been forced to adapt with digital marketing plans. Four popular marketing methods of digital marketing strategies are:

  1. Branding. Marketers focus on providing positive experiences with the brand to create customer loyalty. This is accomplished by investing in new types of multimedia that will allow customers to connect with the brand on different levels, such as videos, interactive games or media, and response forums, rather than “linear” advertising that only has one type of advertising and doesn’t provide interaction aside from sales.
  2. Customer Experience Designers. Marketers offer exceptional customer service from beginning to end of a sale so that customers will be impressed and want to continue working with them. Companies using this digital marketing planning method generally make decisions on how to best serve customers after extensive research and analysis on customer behaviors and desires.
  3. Demand Generators. Marketers create large scale demand by flooding the internet with digital possibilities such as a website, mobile app, SEO, and social media, to get as many sales as possible. This digital media marketing strategy usually doesn’t worry about creating deep relationships with customers or clients the way branding does, but instead focuses on making money by overwhelming the market with their slogans and products.
  4. Product Innovators. Marketers create various types of digital marketing to help them discover and develop new products or services consumers want. As the marketers create new products, the company’s pipeline strengthens and grows, increasing the value of the company.

Though some may consider these methods the best digital marketing strategies, they are by no means the only way to make a digital media marketing plan. The best plan is the one that works for your company.

Important Steps to Creating a Digital Plan

A digital media marketing strategy plan should start with developing clear business goals and objectives. You can fit your goals into a digital marketing plan template or find a digital media marketing plan sample that you think will fit your needs.

Digital media marketing plans are well served by taking advantage of up-and-coming digital opportunities. The hottest and most viewed options today include videos and social media, especially when a video is shared on a social media platform where it will usually get three times the number of views of a plain text post.

Any digital media marketing sample should encourage you to take your brand to the next level, whether through branding or innovating. Some digital marketing strategy examples suggest brands create open platforms where consumers can contribute and interact with the company, particularly if you follow the branding model. However, you should work with your resources and at least provide social media pages where consumers can interact with one another.

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