B2B-Online-Marketing-And-NetworkingWhat is B2B Marketing Promotion?

B2B marketing promotion is the marketing strategy used by businesses that sell products or services to other businesses. Because these business to business (B2B) companies are geared toward a smaller, more specialized audience than business to consumer (B2C) companies, they must modify their marketing strategy appropriately. A common B2B marketing strategy includes various web promotion techniques, particularly website marketing promotion.

B2B website marketing strategies differ greatly from those of B2C companies. Usually, B2B transactions require more of an investment than casual consumers are willing to make. For example, consumers won’t typically order 5,000 plastic parts, though a company might purchase 5,000 plastic parts to assemble with other parts to eventually sell a completed product to a consumer.

Purchasing decisions at B2B companies also tend to involve more than one person to complete the transaction, whereas individual consumers typically do not need to seek approval on purchases. B2B companies often face the challenge of needing to appeal to multiple individuals inside the same company.

In order to tackle these difficulties, B2B companies rely on inbound marketing methods like an Internet marketing strategy.

What are Some B2B Website Promotion Marketing Methods?

Online marketing promotion can take many forms. The most common options for B2B companies are:

  • Interactive websites
  • Written content (blogs, SEO, etc.)
  • Social media outreach
  • Email marketing
  • Content promotion on other blogs or websites
  • Videos

These tactics are designed to create opportunities for other businesses to discover yours. With the Internet replacing dated business-location methods like the Yellow Pages, companies are turning to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to find B2B services. But to make it onto the first page of search engine results, B2B companies have to engage in many of these online promotion options.

One of the biggest challenges in any B2B Internet marketing promotion strategy is continually releasing new content that people will want to read, share, and circulate on the Internet with very little coaxing. Of course, some B2B business promotion tactics are easier to spread than others. Videos, for instance, can give interested businesses a better feel for your company’s brand identity, products, and customer interaction. Videos are easily embedded in other articles or posts across the Internet, can be shared, liked, retweeted, and +1’d, easily spreading the company’s short video message to other potentially interested leads.

That’s not to say that the other methods of online marketing mentioned are less effective. A powerful marketing strategy will interweave several tactics, using email and social media to promote videos or blog posts, for example.

What is Most Effective with Internet Marketing Promotions?

There are certain steps a B2B company can take to increase business internet marketing. The first is for the company to understand its market and identify its target audience – those prospective clients who might be most interested in your product.

Internet marketing promotion is also a means to establishing thought leadership in your industry. Knowing the types of personalities that occupy your target client pool, what questions they are asking and what solutions they are seeking, will help you determine the shape and scope of your online promotion. By focusing on your ideal clientele, you can refine your strategy and nail down those search terms that will best connect you with your desired audience.

Once you have identified your ideal demographic, you should then focus on the right online marketing promotions to use. Many B2C companies resort to premiums, coupons and sales. In B2B online promotion, events and information are usually what clients want. Conventions, forums, roundtables and especially webinars can draw interested clients to learn more about your brand. In addition, writing and promoting informative content can appeal to a client’s desire to learn about the latest best practices in your industry.

But remember, content marketing promotion isn’t just about producing the right kind of content. It also depends on getting that content to your target through the optimal channels. Certain demographics are easier to reach certain social media, like LinkedIn or Pinterest. Others may be more responsive to targeted emails or educational blog posts.

What are a Few B2B Internet Marketing Tips?

Online marketing and promotion is not a perfect science because the audience for every company will vary.  B2B education opportunities, like seminars and forums, tend to revolve primarily around specialized B2B marketing strategies. This B2B marketing education aids business leaders in their efforts to accomplish more with their Internet marketing online promotion.

Here are a few ways to promote your business online:

  • Use the web lead funnel to secure potential leads and slowly educate them into sales.
  • Contact referrals before cold calling new prospects.
  • Be ready with testimonials and content on your product or service. These should make it easy to understand your value proposition and help businesses feel comfortable with their purchase.
  • Track sales to find what is driving progress and revenue. Improve processes that are hindering success.
  • Maintain quality communication between the sales and marketing teams to make sure everyone is working toward the same goals.

Still Have Questions? Download a Free Step-by-Step Ebook on How to Create Your Own B2B Marketing Promotion Plan

There are many ways to tackle B2B marketing promotion, and the most successful tactics for your company will come through in-depth industry research, thought leadership and selecting the best marketing channels. When creating your next plan for marketing, Internet promotion should be among your top priorities.

For more information on how to promote your business online by crafting a web marketing strategy, attracting qualified web leads and determining your marketing lead ROI, download our free step-by-step ebook today.