B2B Landing Page ExampleWhat are B2B Landing Pages?

B2B landing page examples are everywhere. In the world of online marketing, landing pages play perhaps the most pivotal role in a business to business (B2B) company’s lead generation process. The primary purpose of the landing page is to drive web traffic to a company’s website and to convert that traffic into qualified leads for the company’s sales team.

A B2B landing page is the web page a prospective client arrives at after clicking on an offer or an organic search result. The best landing pages are built around a single offer. To obtain that offer, the prospect is typically directed to a lead capture form, or a website lead form. In most effective business to business landing page examples, the form is kept short, requiring only a name and an email address.

When creating landing pages, always remember that the personal information a prospect submits should be considered currency. Is your offer a worthwhile exchange for their information? That should be the main thrust of the landing page: convincing the prospect that he or she is getting the better deal. That is the single most important quality that will lead to high landing page conversion rates.

Why B2B Marketers Use Landing Pages to Convert Web Traffic into Web Leads

Too many B2B marketers spend their budget on placing ads or achieving favorable search engine rankings, all in an effort to draw web traffic to their site. Attracting qualified, truly interested prospects to a website is no simple task. But then, after convincing a prospect to click on an ad or link, marketers will often strand their prospect on the company’s homepage. The prospect must then hunt for the offer that had caught their interest, an unnecessary effort that often results in high bounce rates.

Landing pages provide your prospects with a clear destination built around an offer. By evaluating several landing page templates, it becomes easier to identify the page elements that are most likely to attract a prospect’s attention and lead to website conversions. Great landing page examples will emphasize the value of its offers and then clearly guide the prospect to whatever action is needed to access that offer.

B2B marketers use landing pages because they are a tried-and-tested means to drive qualified traffic into the led gen funnel. Landing pages build trust, cultivate the company brand, and foster relationships with potential clients, thereby enabling companies to build a list of potential leads.

Different Styles of B2B Landing Pages

Landing page design can vary, but their purposes remain the same: to inform visitors about a topic or product, and then to incite visitors to take a particular action. But for a quick guide to the different ways to perform these two functions, here are a few custom landing page examples you can draw from:

1. Click-through pages. These pages provide the details of an offer, placing it in a context intended to highlight the offer’s benefits and to persuade the prospect to progress towards purchasing it. These types of landing pages are normally incorporated into the structure of your website in order to leverage brand familiarity.

2. Lead capture page. These landing pages are intended to gather visitor data such as name, email address, position, company, etc. They are also typically located on your website, but they tend to be more stripped down versions of your usual landing pages, with the navigation removed to provide your visitor with a smaller set of options.

3. Viral landing page. These are designed mostly for entertainment, to score social media likes and backlinks. This is accomplished by employing a game or fun video. In this case, the company will usually only slip a small reference to themselves either at the end of the video, in the footer, or with a small logo located somewhere on the page.

4. Microsites. These are smaller websites with multiple landing pages. They are created as a supplement to your company’s main website but can have a different design or branding style, depending on the goals of your marketing campaign.

Qualities of a High-Converting Landing Page

A large part of our services at Sprint Marketing includes content creation, particularly lead gen landing pages. We have built landing pages and instructed clients in how to build landing pages for themselves, and in the process we identified a few helpful landing pages best practices:

1.       Make the Grade: Pass the Blink Test

Even the best B2B landing page examples only get about three seconds before a visitor loses interest and navigates away from the page. This brief moment in time is called the blink test, and the way to pass it with flying colors is to have compelling landing page elements, such as a powerful headline and a clear call to action.

2.       Limit Distractions

For most landing pages, we recommend keeping your design simple. This includes removing as many distractions to the visitor as possible, like regular website navigation. Limit the page to one headline, to a concise section of text extolling your offer’s benefits in a bulleted or numbered list, and to one prominent call to action.

3.       Clear Messaging and Copy

Part of limiting distractions and passing the blink text involves using the landing page real estate you have to its best effect. Write short but strong copy. Keep it focused on the offer and benefit and the action the visitor needs to take.

4.       Deliver on Promises

If your visitors click on an ad for a free ebook, they need to arrive on a page that tells them how they can receive that ebook. If the visitor winds up on your homepage and has to search for the offer, they are not going to come away with a good opinion of your company. A landing page simplifies the visitor’s experience, showing just how straightforward and easy it is to become a customer.

5.       Endorsements

Social sharing links and testimonials help build confidence in your offer. The best B2B landing pages will incorporate past successes, news articles, and social networking to establish a foundation of trust that new clients can build upon as they develop a relationship with your company.

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