Marketing Reporting Scorecard

The demand for an effective marketing reporting scorecard has never been greater. Companies often need to assess the true financial return on their marketing investment. Without precise financial and performance metrics to gauge ROI, it’s difficult to make future decisions regarding marketing efforts and campaigns.

With the advent of increased marketing venues such as online marketing and social media, the connection between marketing efforts and ROI has become even murkier. Companies thrive or die based not just on the quality of their product but also the impression that product makes, which is often a baffling blend of word of mouth, online presence, and positive name-brand association.

But what has become clear in recent years is that exploding online popularity is often a strong indicator that a product is creating real value among customers. Unfortunately, the aspects of the Internet that make it such a powerful marketing tool also renders it difficult to predict or measure. Where are the metrics to assign value to each Facebook fan or to each retweet? How do you determine what qualities make one online video go viral while others remain relatively unnoticed?

And as any SEO or online-marketing specialist will tell you, a good online campaign takes time to mature before it is ripe enough to display clear indications of success. Months may pass before any ROI is reflected on the company balance sheet. And even then, sometimes the financial indicators either aren’t readily apparent or simply aren’t compelling.

That’s because any effective scorecard reporting marketing value has to register more than simply financial gains. A direct correlation between the clicks on a site and the number or qualified leads is difficult to define. Digital assets don’t come with an assigned monetary value, yet they can still send a brand’s fame skyrocketing.

So there is value. The overriding dilemma is that it can’t always be broken down into dollars and cents.

Sprint Marketing empowers client-corporations by delivering powerful tools and refined reports that identify these critical value factors, creating comprehensive ROI reports and facilitating quality future decision-making. Unlike other firms, we provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly marketing reporting scorecards indicating promotional success, as well as identifying impending challenges and forecasting possible setbacks.

Sprint Marketing offers a comprehensive marketing reporting scorecard, including our marketing metrics pdf, as part of our powerful marketing intelligence system. We give your corporation the marketing intelligence and planning boost it needs to reach new competitive heights. Contact us for a free trial.