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Proven marketing solutions. Specializing in Video Marketing Strategy, Branding, and Campaign Management.



Marketing Strategy

Develop an online marketing strategy that builds your brand, establishes you as an expert, and increases traffic, leads and sales.


Brand Management

Grow your business with a strong branding strategy.  Sometimes the next step to growth is connecting with who you are and what you do, and then sharing that with the world.

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Campaign Management

Launch SEO, Social Media, Paid Ads, Content Marketing, Video and other web campaigns to drive quality leads to your website, into your lead funnel and to your sales team.


  • Alfred QuinnMarketing Director

    "Sprint Marketing created a multimillion dollar leads pipeline and 100s of qualified leads each month"

  • Ryan CaldwellVice President of Marketing

    "These guys work hard and are an important part of my team, thanks Sprint Marketing"


    "Sprint Marketing created leads for us every month, which helped us grow and expand our company."


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Inbound Marketing Experts

We understand inbound marketing and digital marketing.  We are passionate about embracing and testing new technologies to implement into our practices.

Consulting Services

Measure twice, cut once!  Many marketing pitfalls can be avoided with the help of an expert.  We have worked with 100s of brands.  Come see what our consulting services can do for you.

Branding Services

To succeed in brand creation, one must consume and organize lots of disparate information into a clear unique concept; develop that concept into clear language and design; and generate excitement around the concept to drive the creativity to building the best products and connecting those with others.

Campaign Services

Once you have a good strategy and a good brand, it is time to share your brand with the world.  Let us do it all for you, or just handle some of the heavy lifting or repetitive work that is in your task list.  Our team is flexible and can work with whatever your situation might be.  Every campaign we run is results/ROI driven.

Our Mission

Sprint Marketing was founded on the observation: Better marketing intelligence produces better marketing strategy, campaigns and results; and a team of marketing experts combined with the right technology is the best solution to providing better marketing intelligence.

Sprint Marketing’s mission is to provide better marketing intelligence to improve marketing strategy, campaigns and results.


Our Culture

Our motivating goal is the pursuit of personal and professional excellence.  Our team makes the company what it is.  With a “work hard, play hard” mentality, we create value at work and maintain good work/life balance.

We seek clients that excite us and who offer the world something amazing.  The ones who create exceptional, one-of-a kind value for their customers.


Our Story

Sprint Marketing was founded in 2012 by Michael Eagar while as CEO and Consultant developed a marketing intelligence technology Mi+., a unique systematized process for analyzing campaigns to develop more accurate campaign strategies.  These improved strategies continue to be at the forefront of getting better marketing results.


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